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Server Introduction
The Battledale II server is a persistent world created for players of Neverwinter Nights. You should read the section of the web site marked Rules and Guides for details of the rules that players are expected to follow, and changes we have made to the way Neverwinter Nights plays. Note also that you need the CEP hak pak to play on Battledale II. You can get that by going here.

The name of the server is Battledale, and the name of the module is Battledale II - Thiriun's Legacy. You should be able to find it under roleplaying in Gamespy, using your NWN client. You can also join the server using the direct connect option in your NWN client. The IP address to use is Sometimes we put a password on the server. The password will be posted on the Rules and Guide board. Just look at the board - there is no need to do anything more complicated than that.

The most important point to make about Battledale II is that it is a roleplaying server. Players take great pride and a lot of pleasure in creating interesting and believable characters, and we welcome new players who wish to contribute to the roleplaying atmosphere and add to the enjoyment of the people around them.

Magic items are hard to come by, and powerful weapons and armour won’t simply be found in chests. There is a sophisticated crafting system allowing players to make a very large variety of items. Experience is also low, and if your goal is to reach level 20 as quickly as possible you may find Battledale is not the server for you.

However, when we’re forced to choose between fun and realism, we aim for the fun option and our rules reflect that. A number of unique items are available to help lower level players, and while death hurts in terms of experience loss, it won’t stop you from continuing your adventures.

Our server focuses on player co-operation to defeat challenges, roleplaying, and quests run by our active teams of DMs.

Conflict can and does exist between characters, but this does not take the form of player vs player fighting, which is banned unless both parties have agreed to it.

Evil characters are welcome on the server if the player behind them has the maturity and imagination to roleplay them successfully. Behaving in a way which upsets other players is not allowed and playing an “evil” character is not an acceptable excuse for it.

Our Setting
The server takes place in the Faerűn, part of the Forgotten Realms, a campaign setting created by Wizards of the Coast and used by Bioware in many of their games including the Neverwinter Nights official campaign.

This is a world of magic and wonder, in which a humble farming community can find itself confronted by villainous mages, strange demons and the dangers posed by a cursed forest on its doorstep.

Nonetheless, the average person in Faerűn is unlikely to have seen much in the way of magic, let alone be capable of it themselves.

To learn more about our setting, take a look at the sections on the web site marked Battledale History and Brighthaven History.

Battledale is a roleplaying server. Please look at the section of the site marked "General Rules" for some information about that. Every player who joins the server is expected to roleplay their character.

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