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To submit a link, please send an email to Ikkis.

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the old forum thread, the below is a mix of player submissions and things I have found useful personally as a player.

Name Generators
Player Races
Realms Lore
Roleplaying Links

If anyone knows any good sites relevant to the game which are not mentioned below please let me know.

Please remember these are not intended as a set of rules or anything like that. The idea is that you may be able to read them and learn something from them if you want to improve your roleplaying or add more detail to your characters backgrounds. Some of them may come in handy for different reasons, there is a fair bit there.

The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting is the godfather of all these sources, and if you can buy it then I would advise that you do, if you are really interested in the game/setting/server.
Amazon stocks it, as will many roleplaying stores I would think, or if they don't they should be able to get you a copy if you ask.

These books have also been recommended:
Faiths and Pantheons
Races of Faerun
Elves: "Evermeet" - Elaine Cunningham
Dwarves: "Hunter's Blade Trillogy" - RA Salvatore

Roleplaying links
The Role-Player`s Guide to Multiplayer Neverwinter Nights - NWVault PDF.
The EQ2 RP Union`s Newbie Guide to Roleplaying! - a surprisingly good read (Fallout from our forum).

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Realms Lore
Sorceror's Place
Yet Another Forgotten Realms Web Page - has a good timeline. - scroll down to find the links.
WotC FR Articles
Retired WotC FR Articles

Kara-Tur links (for those of you with an oriental bent)
A Kara-Tur Timeline
A Tour of Kara-Tur
Shou Lung map Kara-Tur section

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Player Races
The Soaring Blade - Races in the Realms (scroll down a bit)
Elvish Behaviour - An old forum post from somewhere, might be interesting.
The Dwarvern Delving and a backup of the site
Doomnair Clan Forum - Some Dwarf info from our players.
ORCS online community

Dlabraddath - This site has a good deal of nicely presented information on Halflings, Gnomes, Elves, Half-Elves and Humans.
It's probably one of the best links here as far as the content goes. However, some of the content doesn't match up and shouldn't be used such as the Half-Elven gods, which don't exist in Faiths and Pantheons, and the more peculiar subraces they have created such as Elflings.
You shouldn't use either on Battledale. If you aren't sure about something like this please check with us first.

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The Soaring Blade - The Gods
Muds and Dragons - FR Deities
Realms Helps Searchable Deities - Might help you pick one (can search by portfolio) but doesn't have much detail.
COA Deities - Thank you to COA for giving permission to link to their pages.
COA Deities domains chart

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Faerun & Underdark
COA Realms map
The Soaring Blade - A guided tour of the Realms

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The Grey Company - As close as you will get to official Elven for BD, we use this for building.
The Rayven's Nest's English to Elven Translator
An Elven Translating Dictionary - translates both ways.
Gnomish and a mirror
ORCS Orc Languages
Shadowclan orcish

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Name Generators
WotC name generator
Everchanging Book of Names - Shareware application, good but limited FR name creation unless you buy a licence.
Seventh Sanctum - various generators to be found here.

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You will find WinRar useful in opening many of the below files after you download them. You can get it here :

Currently there is no BD hak override available - if you want to use the DOA base items override you will have to either use it as an override as normal, or create your own hak using the current CEP.

These client side modifications have been recommended by our players. As far as I know they all work with CEP.

Extract these files to /nwn/overrides/ to install them.

Override Cave Ruins
Robe update
DLA Canopied Forest
Hands (updated 1.5)
Baldurs Gate spellcasting sounds

These two reportedly do not work with CEP as normal overrides and require to be included in one of the hak files (as long as the file names are the same they work ok).
These are here partly for historic reasons, especially the bowstrings override, as bioware added bowstrings with the 1.67 patch. The bowstring override below was previously the only way to get them in game. The base items override is nice if you can get it working.

Bowstring Override - Ever noticed that the NWN bows have no string? Here's the fix!
There are issues with some combinations of bow parts, you might have to fiddle a bit to find one that works.

DOA Base Items 2.0 - makes things look like a piece of wood or a necklace and so on, instead of a loot bag, when put on the floor. (You will need to extract these from the hak file to your overrides directory using nwn/utils/nwhak.exe)

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If you think any of these sites belong in another section please let me know.

Forgotten Realms Portal
System Reference Documents - try clicking 3.5 fast access in the top left, this is more of a rules resource and please remember NWN uses 3.0 D&D not 3.5.
The Official FR website

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