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Injury and Death
When a character falls to zero hit points or less, they will slowly bleed to death. There is a chance they might stabilise before they die. In this case, their hit points will slowly increase until they are able to get back on their feet.

A character who is bleeding to death can be saved if someone uses bandages on them.

If your hit points fall to -10, you are dead. You can be brought back by someone using ressurection or raise dead on you, or you can respawn.

Characters who respawn usually appear at a shrine or temple at the last settlement they visited.

The penalties for dying are:

50 xp per level for respawning.
30 xp per level for being raised.
20 xp per level for being ressurected.

However the penalties are lower for characters of level 8 and 9.

On top of this, any magical items you are carrying may decay. After 20 deaths, an item's enchantment will fade and it will need to be re-enchanted. Some items are immune to decay. These will usually be items given to you by a DM as a quest reward.

Players who come back from the dead are ill for a time, although a cleric may be able to help with this.

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