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06/09/06 - Server is no more!
06/02/06 - Server is Down
05/13/06 - 1.67 patch and CEP 1.53 now installed
05/07/06 - Server is Back Online
05/02/06 - Server is Currently Down
04/26/06 - NWN 1.67 Patch

Friday, June 9 2006 - Server is no more!
Sadly the Battledale server is no longer operating. We had a good run for many years, but the time has come to call it quits.

Many thanks to all the people who played on the server, were DMs on the server and helped to build things for it.

Work on Battledale began around July 2001 (before the game was out) so this has been a long road but a lot of fun.

Do keep in touch on the message boards, which now have a Neverwinter Nights 2 section as well, and hopefully we'll meet each other again in some form or another!

Posted by Palmer Eldritch

Friday, June 2 2006 - Server is Down
Battledale II is down due to technical problems.

Please see this thread on the boards for further information about the situation.

Posted by Swan

Saturday, May 13 2006 - 1.67 patch and CEP 1.53 now installed
The server has now been updated.

Update NWN in the usual fashion, if you have problems then download and use the critical rebuild patch from the bioware website or directly from here for the english version

The CEP patch can be downloaded from NWVault.

Any CEP hak overrides installed from the BD website have not been tested with this new version and may or may not work correctly.

The current file in question is the cep1patch152.hak file, we would suggest removing or renaming the modified version and using the CEP original file for the time being.

Posted by Swan

Sunday, May 7 2006 - Server is Back Online
The server is up again. Apologies for the downtime!

Posted by Swan

Tuesday, May 2 2006 - Server is Currently Down
Due to some technical problems, the server is currently down.

We hope to get it back up asap, and updates on the situation will be posted in this thread on our boards when we can give them.

Posted by Swan

Wednesday, April 26 2006 - NWN 1.67 Patch
Please be aware that if you install the new patch that you will not be able to log into BD until either you revert to 1.66 (information on how to do that is here) or until the server itself is updated.

In short, do not install the patch yet.

Apologies for the inconvenience, however the delay is required so that we can make sure nothing in the module gets broken with the new patch.

We will post another notice when the server has been updated to 1.67.

Posted by Swan

Sunday, April 23 2006 - Mine's A Pint
Another bit of new content for you to whet your teeth on has been added today, along with some fun things for rogues and those others who like locks and traps: The Grey Mines.

Happy exploring!

Posted by ikkis

Sunday, April 2 2006 - Spring Cleaning
Something in the works for about a year now has finally been finished, and if you want you can read about it a little in the Cobblestone Chronicles.

A number of changes have been made to the module which will affect most of our players.
If you would like to see what they are either take a look at the general forum post or log in and find out.

Several areas have also been adjusted or replaced to improve the overall look and feel of the module.

So there you go, plenty of things to cut your teeth on for now, and hopefully with more to come soon!

Posted by ikkis

Sunday, January 29 2006 - General Rules Section Updated - Races
Some small adjustments have been made to the General Rules section of our website to provide a better understanding of what races are allowed on the server. Please be sure to review the general rules again so that you know what these changes are. Thank you.

Posted by Jharen

Thursday, January 12 2006 - New DMs
We would like to welcome Blark and Castian to the Battledale 2 DM team!

We're sure that they'll make great additions to our little family.

There are threads on the boards if you would like to offer your congratulations, and we're sure you'll be seeing them both in-game very soon.

Posted by Swan

Sunday, December 25 2005 - Happy Christmas!
Best wishes for the holiday from all here on the Battledale DM team, wherever in the world you may be.

On another note, update news:
Language system menu has been changed to be easier to use.
Books have been added to the Brighthaven book shop which will allow you to learn languages not normally available (2 at the moment) and to learn others without visiting a library if you like. They are also useful for teaching someone else a language, give them to your pupil before the lesson.

Kobolds and stirges have been made more reasonable in terms of poison, weapons and xp given. Gnolls that throw darts no longer have spell resistance.
Garrottes should no longer be thrown through walls by mobs such as the Ogrillons.

AC vs race techniques have been improved from +2/+3 to +3/+4 respectively.
Damage vs race techniques which were doing slashing damage will now do positive energy damage instead to work around a stacking issue with the damage on some weapons.
Spell immunity armour should work now, and a higher power version has also been added.
More powerful techniques should appear a bit more often now, if you are in a harder dungeon.
You will only find low level techniques in low level dungeons.

Wand, scroll and potion crafting prices have been reduced a little.
Scrolls should no longer take gold and xp if the crafting fails.

Old healing kits and potions should no longer be given as loot, they have been replaced with the new ones.

Animal Companion and Familiar conversations are now private conversations.

Posted by ikkis

Saturday, December 3 2005 - Update!
We've just finished a brand new update to the module that is now on the server. Changes and additions include;

- Crafted weapons & armour now have special (non-decaying) properties depending on the materials used to craft them
- Techniques have been powered down
- A custom Language system has been implimented, allowing characters to learn a number of languages and even teach other characters what they know
- A new scripted dungeon has been added!

For full details and discussion of the update, please see this thread!

Posted by Swan

Wednesday, November 9 2005 - In development...
We have a couple of threads on the forum containing fresh information about what the DM team is and has been up to recently, just so you know that we do have some great stuff in store.

Check out "What we're up to..." and a fresh batch of "Teaser Screenies" for more!

Posted by Swan

Monday, October 17 2005 - Updates 10-17-05
Several balance updates upon the next server update. (regarding the mobs)

Among the more notable.

Semberholme Goblins have been toned down.

Kobolds have been toned down.

Overwhelming undead have been removed from most surface spawns.

Xorn have been moved to more suitable spawn locations.

Dire Rats no longer release a disease pulse on death.

Multiple additions to the various shops in Brighthaven, stop in and take a look!

Posted by DM Don

Sunday, October 9 2005 - The server is now up
Sorry for the downtime!

Posted by Palmer Eldritch

Saturday, October 8 2005 - The server is down overnight
My apologies, but I have had to take the server down for the night. It will be back up on Sunday morning.

Posted by Palmer Eldritch

Thursday, September 22 2005 - New DM
I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Jharen to the DM team.
I look forward to reading about what he's been getting up to when I get back online after moving.

In unrelated news our first new 'scripted dungeon' is nearing completion and shouldn't be too far off now.
I shan't give too much away as that would spoil the fun, but I will tell you that you will be able to find it in the woods. ;)

Posted by ikkis

Saturday, September 3 2005 - Update
Notable changes:
Craftable slings have been added.

Healing spell potions can be crafted without a gold cost now, to make use of this you must use one of the fungi used to make healing kits on a glass bottle, then cast the spell you want on the potion base.
These potion bases can also be 'mass produced' in the craft menu in the same way as healing kits.

The reaction of some animals has been changed, worgs for example will now be hostile when they may not have been before.

Different dungeons will now have different DC's for the box search check.

Posted by ikkis

Saturday, August 13 2005 - Spell Changes
In addition to the content additions, several spells have been changed.

Sleep, Color spray, Scare, Cloudkill, Circle of Death, all have their effect range boosted by 2 HD as all of our creatures have increased HD.

Weapon buffing spells have been increased to 1 turn per level.

Posted by DM Don

Saturday, August 13 2005 - Update live
The update is now on the server.
You will need CEP 1.52 installed to join the server.

I think it will tell you if you don't have the right hak installed.

You can get CEP from one of the links on the left of this page.

Two extras not mentioned below are a rather lovely Thayan Enclave Swan has made for us, and a Storehouse where you will be able to go and deposit some of your more weighty items.

Thank you to our players Jen and Zoylent for their help with this update.

Also Jen's new hak replacement for CEP, to add in the Bowstrings and DOA Base Items Overrides is now available in our links section.

Posted by ikkis

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