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General Rules
This is a roleplaying server. That means acting in the game as if you really were the character you are playing - an old and intelligent wizard, a young halfling looking for adventure, a paladin humbly seeking to help others, or whoever your character is.

Player killing is not allowed unless it has been agreed in advance by both parties. We realise this can restrict roleplaying. It is our experience that any other policy causes more problems than it solves.

Fighting is okay if both players have agreed to fight to the death, or maybe just that one will kill the other, in advance. That would usually mean through OOC tells.

By the way, if people want to "duel" there is an area on the server where you can fight and it is impossible to die - the loser will automatically wake up after 5 seconds or so without penalties.

Characters of evil alignment are allowed, but think a little before playing one. Someone who runs around shouting that they worship an evil god and plans to kill everyone is not suitable for this server. The other players cannot kill you, and the NPCs are not clever enough to respond as they should. You should only play an evil character if you are able to do it subtly.

An evil character does not need to be a mass murderer any more than a good character needs to be a saint. They can be selfish, bigoted, sneaky or simply greedy. A character who says they agree to help a paladin slay monsters "to help the townsfolk" when all they really want is gold could be considered evil. A well-played evil character is far more difficult to play than a good one.

No out of character talk in public channels. Please stay in character. Whatever comes out of your character's mouth comes out of their mouth, not yours. It makes no sense if they start talking about things they couldn't possibly know about, such as the weather in California. Neither can they talk in internet slang - they should say "please" and not "plz", for example. They also know nothing about game mechanics. When your character gains a level, they may feel ready to learn new spells or abilities and might talk about that. But they should not talk about "getting exp".

It is not okay to talk out of character if you say OOC in front of the sentence. Feel free to send a private tell to a friend out of character if you want (as long as they don't mind).

Sometimes the DMs are flexible about this. If you are in the middle of a dungeon with a party and need to leave your computer immediately, everyone understands if you just say "OOC: Sorry phone" very quickly. But this is an exception to the rule, and unless there really is a good reason we ask players to stick to the rule.

Please do not use the party channel. If you are wandering through a dungeon and talking, anyone who happens to be nearby should be able to hear you.

No outlandish skin or hair tones, horned PCs or silly names. PCs should have reasonably down to earth skin tones. Anything you might see in real life is fine - what we don't want are blue, red or bright green skin. If it looks like it belongs in a comic book, it is not right for this server. Also, characters should not be children.

The same goes for hair colouring. It is alright to have hair with a hint of green or blue, as long as it is subtle. That ususally means choosing the darkest version of the colour available when you make your character. For example, it might be black with a slight blue or green tinge. Red hair is fine. But we encourage players to use standard hair colouring as you might see in real life.

The setting of the server and the general atmosphere we try to encourage means only standard races are allowed. That means no drow or other underworld creatures, and no tieflings. The more down-to-earth sub-races, as described in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book, are fine.

The allowed races are: Human, Moon Elf, Sun Elf, Wood Elf, Shield Dwarf, Gold Dwarf, Rock Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Lightfoot Halfling, Strongheart Halfling.

If you have a question concerning the allowed races, feel free to contact a DM or post on the forums about it. We understand that there are numerous races and halfbreeds that we simply can not cover here, but we ask that you contact someone before making such a character to avoid future problems.

We encourage our players to do some extent of information gathering concerning the race they choose for their character. If you have some Forgotten Realms books, use those, or simply run searches on the internet to find reliable sources of Forgotten Realm material. We also supply some basics on our webpage, which players should read over. See the link page as well for some links to helpful websites.

Your character background is up to you, but again we encourage players to keep them reasonably down to earth and do some extent of research. For example, your character is not the son of a demon, a princess or descended from an ancient dragon.

There is no reason your character cannot talk about people they knew or societies they belonged to in the past. But no character can start on the server as a member of a secret or powerful society in Forgotten Realms lore, such as the Harpers or Red Wizards.

Please do not make PCs with horns.

It is not okay to transfer items from one of your characters to another one. This is sometimes called "muling" or "twinking". It makes no difference if they are brothers or anything like that.

Characters should not have names taken from works of fiction. Eg no Gandalfs, Gandelfs, Gondalfs or Konans please.
The names of historical or legendary figures such as William Wallace, Robin Hood and Richard Neville should not be used either.
A DM's decision on suitable names is final.
If you create a character with an unsuitable name you may be asked to make a new character with no transfer of experience points or equipment.

Respect other players and the DMs please.

The DMs may impose other rules from time to time as the situation demands.

Have fun!

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