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Connecting to the Server
What is the current game password?
There is no password at the moment.

Where is the game in GameSpy?
The server can be found as "Battledale", under the "role-play" section. The name of the module is "Battledale II - Thiriun's Legacy".

What is your IP?
You can use - put that in where you would normally put in the IP in direct connect. That should work.

What custom portraits you use in the game?
We have set up a forum for the purpose of exchanging portraits, which can be found here.

Forum & Chat
I have a cool avatar image can I use it on this board?
Sure, go to user menu -> profiles to edit. Just remember that the size must be 48 x 48 pixels. Have it as gif, jpg or png, please do not have bmp files or huge images. Do not have any banners in your signature please.

How do I check my board private messages?
Go to inbox in the User menu.

Do we have an IRC-chat channel?
Yes! This is for all community and OOC talks. All people marked with @ should be DMs in general, with exception of @ChanServ that is an automated bot.

An excellent and widely used IRC client can be downloaded from:

channel: #rpo

If that doesn't work try port 6668. There are specific servers you might want to try, such as and Both are part of the Stratics network.

A small guide how to use IRC:
Stratics IRC documentation:

What do I need to download to connect to the server?
You need to download CEP and the most recent patches for it.
This can be found here : Nwvault CEP download section

You will also need to download some head overrides if you want to use CEP heads to make your character.
Without the overrides they will not show up during character creation.
See this thread on our forum for details: Rper Forum

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