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As well as the usual merchants, most settlements on the server have wholesale trade merchants. These will only sell a small range of goods, but whatever they sell can usually not be bought anywhere else. The items they sell are essential for crafting. So to make certain items, you may need to go to a different settlement to buy what you need.

However you can also transport large amounts of wholesale trade goods to a different settlement and sell them to the trade merchant there, at a good profit. If you do this, they will then start to sell the goods and other players can buy them. So you will make other players happy. The catch is that you cannot use the caravan system while carrying a bag of trade goods. You will have to walk between settlements.

This is an opportunity to play as a merchant character and make some gold for your PC, but it can be dangerous. Note however that the roads between settlements are nearly always the safest parts of the module.

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