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A new and unique crafting system has been designed for the server, allowing players to create a huge variety of items.

The creation of rare items depends on the efforts of players exploring the world and tackling enemies along the way. Long-time players will gain an advantage through their knowledge of the server’s geography, flora and fauna.

Basic Crafting
Basic crafting simply involves finding raw materials and combining them. For example, to make basic arrows or bolts players will need to find an oak tree and chop some wood, carve the wood into shafts, and hunt birds for feathers. Combining feathers and shafts creates bolts or arrows.

While basic arrows and bolts can also be bought in shops, magical versions cannot. To make these, players will need to hunt feathered creatures with magical properties and use their feathers. Different feathers create different enchantments.

A large variety of items can be created this way, including poisons, healing kits, bottles, throwing weapons, wands and dyes. Players who enjoy crafting and trading will be able to make products and sell them to those prefer to just hunt for riches.

Hint: Some items, such as healing kits, require items bought from wholesale trade merchants. A healing kit requires cloth, from a trade merchant, and fungi, usually found in the swamps.

Advanced Crafting
More complicated crafting can be used to create magical weapons, armour, jewellery and clothing such as cloaks, gloves and belts.

The first stage here is to create the basic item. This might involve using animal hides, wood from rare trees, gems or metals found in the wilderness.

Hint: When you find something, examine it. The description will tell you how it can be used.

Hint: Some items, such as swords or armour, require items bought from NPCs such as smiths. A sword might require a hilt and pommel, for example. The player then needs to get hold of a gem to put in the pommel, and a suitable metal alloy to fashion the blade.

Enchanting items
Players are then able to choose from hundreds of different enchantments, using “techniques”. The techniques work rather like a wizard’s spell scroll - once a player finds one they can learn it and use it whenever appropriate. Techniques are only found in dungeons or as a result of quests - or if another player has found the technique you want, you can offer to buy it.

So a player may gain the ability to add a damage bonus to a weapon, or perhaps to cause it to drain the strength from an opponent, or to freeze an enemy for a short amount of time.

Hint: When using a technique, put the item you wish to enchant and nothing else in your crafting box. If you want to enchant a sword, only that sword should be in your crafting box.

You will need to use different combinations of magical ingredients to enchant an item. Usually this means herbs found in the forest.

And the most powerful enchantments may need ingredients from unusual creatures which spawn only rarely, including some of the deadliest monsters in the game.

The locations of all the materials used for crafting in the game can change. If you need metals, you will soon learn that the place to look for them is the mountains. If you need fungi, try the swamps. Need polar bear hide? Try the colder areas. And magical herbs can be found in the forests. But that does not mean that they will be in the exact same spot they were in last week, or even the same area.

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