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05/14/06 - Brighthaven Announces 1st Public Close-Combat Competition
04/01/06 - The Year of the Lost Keep & The Rediscovery of Lye'nost
03/25/06 - Renewed Bandit Activity Upon the Highways
02/13/06 - Brighthaven Announces 1st Public Archery Competition
01/24/06 - Minotaur Captured!
01/18/06 - Malarite Attacks Increase - Dragon Sighted!
11/06/05 - Ancient Elven Portal Rediscovered
10/14/05 - Demon Attacks Mage Tower
09/29/05 - Brighthaven Braced for Goblinoid Invasion
09/29/05 - Blight - The Consequences for Adventurers

Sunday, May 14 2006 - Brighthaven Announces 1st Public Close-Combat Competition
Sharpen your swords, mend your battered blades, care for your warn battleaxe and join Brighthaven’s melee contest!

Once again the Blacksmiths Guild of Brighthaven have put up a contest for the local adventures of Brighthaven. As representative of the blacksmiths of Brighthaven, Garen Amraphel has graciously donated an item of his own making and from his very own possessions that will be awarded to the winner of the contest. It is through his dedication that this is taking place. He has hopes that he’ll see all of the newly arrived adventures as well as the local adventures that have come to call Brighthaven their home attend this event.

The first in a series of events as part of this grand competition will be held next week ((Saturday 20th May)). This event comprises of combatants who are proficient in so-called exotic weapons, being the like of the Wu katana, the hand-and-a-half sword, Orcish double-axe, and so on.

This event is classed as 'main event' and will require registration in order to compete, a second event to be held on the same day will not require registration and is open to all. All that will be entering the first main event must either put their mark upon the message board or speak with Smith Garen Amraphel himself.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Saturday, April 1 2006 - The Year of the Lost Keep & The Rediscovery of Lye'nost
Adventurers in the region will know well the tales of Lye’nost – the great southern fortress of the Elves – once said to lie within the deeper reaches of the forest. So, too, will our locals, for such tales have long drawn travellers who seek to either pillage or reclaim the place, most especially in recent years.

As recently as nine years ago, Lye’nost remained an enigma to all but the most diligent of elven historians. Scholars agree that with its placement close to the Semberflow and Ashaba rivers, Lye’nost was a bastion of the south, watching over the ways north to the great city of Myth Drannor. The keep disappears from common record during the time of the Weeping Wars, apparently having fallen before the final defeat of Myth Drannor itself, though it is of course difficult to establish what happened during this dark period of history.

It is known to have been mentioned in passing in certain elven writings at several stages of history since the 700s DR, however it had itself been lost again for over two hundred years before its apparent rediscovery by an adventuring troupe based in Pilgrim’s Rest. This discovery, of course, caused a regular influx of adventurers to the building that they had identified. What adventurers found was an infestation of trolls, and there are even reports of dark rituals and drow from the place. However, it is now known that this Lye’nost was not the fortress of old.

What the adventurers of the Rest had discovered was, infact, a gatehouse of a sort, which marked the main point of entry toward the grounds and estate of the fortress proper. It was a fortified access point, in effect, which regulated and secured the grounds and buildings beyond. Most recent investigation has found that this structure has completely collapsed.

Recent reports from a team of adventurers has revealed that at least part of the original extent of the fortress remains standing to this day beyond the collapsed building and modest hidden amphitheatre complex. Sadly, several members of this team did not return, having succumbed to whatever dangers may yet lurk in the shadows of the old estate. However, this expedition has once again piqued the interest of many adventurous sorts in the region, most of them keen to explore these hidden reaches and retrieve whatever valuables and powerful magicks have lain there for centuries.

However, is this rediscovery truly just coincidental? The last recorded study that my esteemed colleagues have access to states that it was written in 1153 DR, alternatively known as the Year of the Remembering Stones, and though the unnamed author of this report did not get so far as what may surely be the keep proper, his recollection of various standing stones upon the approach will surely be of interest to adventurers who wish to make sure they are on the right track. What exactly the Year of the Lost Keep means for Battledalians and adventurers – and of course, the keep itself – remains to be seen, but as far as this writer may suggest, such a happening is certainly not simple coincidence.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Saturday, March 25 2006 - Renewed Bandit Activity Upon the Highways
Travellers are once again advised to take extra care upon the highways and byways of the region after a spate of attacks upon caravans. Adventurers are encouraged to sign on to travel with caravans for mutual protection, and to investigate any incidents should they come across them in a timely manner.

Brighthaven would also like to announce that no personnel in the employ of town authorities are charging any form of toll to gain access to the town or lands thereabouts.

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Monday, February 13 2006 - Brighthaven Announces 1st Public Archery Competition
The first archery contest of Brighthaven is about to commence. All who would participate are advised to register their interest in the competition upon the public noticeboard.

The contest will be held outside of the Brighthaven’s gates against the walls within the next ten days. ((Sunday, 19th February))

There will be a 1st place prize that has been donated by the Guild of Blacksmiths of Brighthaven and it is due to their generosity and the prosperity of the town that this event can take place. Garen Amraphel will be representing the Guild and running the contest.

There will be multiple events aside from archery proper including the use of crossbows, slings, throwing axes, darts, and shurikens.

Spectators are encouraged to attend and lend their support to friends and favourites during the competition.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Tuesday, January 24 2006 - Minotaur Captured!
After various reports filtered in from the citizens of Brighthaven, the Cobblestone Chronicles are able to confirm that the city jail is indeed currently holding a Minotaur, supposedly belonging to one of the Malarite tribes which have plagued the Dale for months now.

Though no details have yet been released as to how this creature was captured, all sources confirm that it was carried into town unconscious by a large group of adventurers. Amongst them are said to have been the previously noted names of Amber Scald, Kelida Bross, and Garynnon Ongluth. The names of those others involved are still being gathered, and we hope to include them in future reports concerning the increasing Malarite threat.

No further word on the rumors of a black dragon in the region have yet been brought in, but we ask that anyone holding information relating to the dragon, or to the Malarite threat in general, bring such information to our attention at our offices in Brighthaven as soon as possible.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Wednesday, January 18 2006 - Malarite Attacks Increase - Dragon Sighted!
Reports have filtered in through various informants that the Malarite threat to the city and travellers along surrounding forest roads has recently dramatically increased.
The many forms of Beasts of Malar
A large force of kobolds was reportedly beaten back just north of the Moonwood as they attempted to make their move into the southern marshes. The entire tribe was coming out of the north, and incoming word points to Mistledale as their point of origin. While the exact purpose of these forces remains unknown, it is thought to have been the beginnings of a larger scale migration, as Malarite tribes from various other parts of the forest unite in a greater effort against Brighthaven and neighbouring settlements.

On a darker note, is it said that a black dragon was seen leading the kobold forces during the battle in Moonwood, as well as a scattered number of Minotaur and Krenshar. The dragon escaped through the canopy and took flight before it could be stopped, and while there was no clear destination sighted for its escape, it is suspected that it could be living in the southern marshes, where the kobolds themselves were making efforts to reach.

It is truly a miracle that this threat was stopped when it was, and these four names were given to the Chronicle, to thank them publicly for their bravery and service ~ Amber Scald, Kelida Bross, Garynnon Ongluth, and Sion Luellana.

Once again, visitors are warned to take care whilst travelling and to report any sightings or attacks to the authorities.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Sunday, November 6 2005 - Ancient Elven Portal Rediscovered
An ancient Elven portal thought destroyed five years ago has been rediscovered thanks to excavations by the Sorelan Mining & Trading company of Brighthaven.

Claimed by many to be a portal to Icewind Dale, the portal had once been quite an attraction for adventurers throughout the region seeking to brave what lay beyond. As travellers flocked to the portal far more sinister tales surfaced, in particular a rumour circulated by a number of elves that a keep of dwarves was under the thumb of a white dragon who had certain designs on our own stretch of Cormanthor. As a result of this, and several white dragon sightings, many adventurers were warned to keep their distance.

At present it is not known if the portal can still be activated, or if indeed it has been activated since the excavation was completed. Travellers are still advised to avoid the area, or at least, should they be required to examine the portal platform for their studies, to exercise caution.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Friday, October 14 2005 - Demon Attacks Mage Tower
The Chronicles has been made aware of a shocking incident taking place within Brighthaven's very own Tower of the Guild of Mages a tenday ago.

The tower was assaulted by a demon, causing grave injury to Tower shopkeeper Master Heric Smith. Master Midoc SeKorc was able to escape the attention of this demon, and local adventurers were drafted in to assist in subduing the demon for it to be banished. Master Heric Smith has made a full recovery thanks to the expertise of the Waukeenar healers.

Some insist that the demon was dispatched to search the Tower for some object of power, while others suspect dark summoning rituals may have backfired on any of the resident mages. Tower representatives declined to give a full and detailed statement at this time, leaving much open to speculation.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Thursday, September 29 2005 - Brighthaven Braced for Goblinoid Invasion
Recently, during a secret meeting between Councilman Barto and the leader of the goblinoid army; trust was broken, blood was shed, and peace is in doubt.

Councilman Barto and a band of Brighthaven adventurers went to meet the ambassador of the goblinoid army at a location in Queenswood to discuss a truce between the city and the threatening force. During the negotiations, one of these adventurers is believed to have opened fire upon the goblinoid speaker. We managed to locate this adventurer, who seems to be free to roam still, despite possibly beginning a dire conflict.

"An attack on the councilman was evident; I saved his life." The man, who goes by the name of Ashard, said to the Chronicle. "The hobgoblin captain had a dagger hidden in a back pocket. He moved to pull it as I put a bolt through his hand. Councilman Barto was close by and I knew he was the target of the hobgoblin's attack."

Other versions of the story are less clear. Others present claim not to have seen the movement by the hobgoblin captain, and thought a truce was still in play. Councilman Barto has ordered an inquiry, personally led by himself, in order to get to the bottom this matter.

The immediate consequences - whether intentional or not - were that an attack was made upon Brighthaven, though the forces were beaten back. Lady Justice Beitris Aethelstan has placed the city on alert and warned all travellers to be vigilant as reports of isolated attacks on travllers in the forest have turned from a trickle to a stream. The possibility of a siege looms large, and residents are advised to stockpile carefully, though urged not to panic as the city's forces make preparations.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

Thursday, September 29 2005 - Blight - The Consequences for Adventurers
With increased encroachment of Blight throughout the forest and hills of Southern Battledale, a great many adventurers have taken up the call to clear the roads and even the deeper reaches of the forest.

However, the effect of Blight upon land and wildlife is undisputed as catastrophic, but what cost does the adventurer or forest warden incur when battling these otherwordly beasts?

Reports of grave injuries or side effects after facing the Blight are increasing in numbers, especially among those who employ weaponry enchanted by the Elven stones near Brighthaven. Some insist that the Blight has a detrimental affect on the Weave where it takes hold, and as such this can cause terrible injuries to the weilder of a magical weapon and, it is theorised, cause an explosion large enough to severely damage the immediate surroundings.

Though the number of adventurers reporting illness, injury, or the death of companions from facing Blight remains thankfully low, some wonder if there this may be an ever increasing threat over time, while others simply insist that adventurers are attempting to squeeze resources from the local Waukeenar for free medical assistance.

Posted by Meliss Tavertarr

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