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Battledale I Screenshots
Ally Foley (death of)

Blark's screenshots

Cymoril's screenshots

Edigo's screenshots

Ikkis' screenshots (warning, humour content varies)

Nefr.. Xza.. Ther.. Martinus' screenshots

PDH's screenshots

Pupkin's screenshots

Sonic's screenshots

Timiador's and Altena's screenshots

Some of Palmer's Favourites
A group of adventurers enter the haunted forest. The kindly DM watches admiringly as a woman in purple takes advantage of the battle around her to search for phat lewt.

The same group of adventurers take on a fearsome vampire. Note the woman in purple, on the left of the shot, again ignoring the cries of battle and searching for that phat lewt.

A goblin tries bravely to defend his home, only to be cut down by a screaming woman with a big sword.

Going camping with a friend is a great way to relax, but sometimes the rain can spoil things.

Lord Vlasik was nothing if not optimistic.

A barbarian woman tries to ply a group of adventurers with drink.

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